Why should I use natural handmade soap instead of commercial soap?
Commercial soaps are not truly "soap" - they are detergents made from non-desirable ingredients.  If you look at bar soaps in the stores they are not labeled as soap, but often as "beauty bars", "deodorant bars" or "bath bars".  Oftentimes they contain synthetic chemicals to make the bar harder faster, reducing soap scum, adding lather, inexpensive fillers,  synthetic scents, and colors. 
These synthetic chemicals tend to dry the skin.  Jabonero Handcrafted Soaps does not contain ANY of these unnecessary ingredients.  We offer only natural soaps that are good for you and good for the earth.


Commercial soaps are made using some of the cheapest ingredients possible, even petroleum by-products.  These cheap ingredients simply do not have the same benefits as pure natural ingredients. Our ingredients are more expensive, but we are dedicated to the high-quality benefits from using the good stuff. 


Do you make the natural handmade soap?
Claro que Si!  Jabonero Handcrafted makes all of our soap in small batches. 


Do you use synthetic fragrances or colors?
No! We do not use ANYTHING synthetic or artificial in our products.  Laboratory studies have shown that FDA approved dyes and colorants may contain carcinogens. They can also be the cause of irritated skin. We use earth clays, herbs, and pure essential oils.


What is the best way to care for your products? 
Jabonero Handcrafted soap products are made from natural ingredients and can be good for a year or more but are best used within 6 months of purchase.  When not in use, store all of our products is in a cool place away from humidity and direct or strong sunlight. 


How long will handmade soap last when in use? 
It depends on frequency of use, and how much and how hard you scrub the bar. We recommend using a soap dish to drain water away from the soap and allowing the soap to dry completely between uses. With proper care, Jabonero Handcrafted Soap will grace you with many luxurious showers and baths. 


Does Jabonero Handcrafted accept custom orders?
Yes.  Please contact us and we'll see how we can help.  Custom orders work well for school fundraisers, special events and keepsakes for weddings, etc.  Custom orders must be for 40+ bars of the same soap per order.  Curing time is typically 4 weeks, so a 5 week lead time is required + 50% non-refundable payment upfront.


Does Jabonero Handcrafted sell Wholesale? 
Yes, we offer our soaps at wholesale quantities and prices to selected and qualified businesses. You must be a licensed business.  For more information, please fill out a quote form in the "CUSTOM ORDERS" section of our website.


Does Jabonero Handcrafted have a retail store?
Unfortunately, we do not have a retail store at this time. However, Jabonero Handcrafted Soaps can be purchased at specified craft fairs and events in Texas.  Visit the "FIND US" section of our website to locate us.